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Fully automatic sheet dispenser Cut´n Grip

Cut your Grip Sheets at your production

Cut´n Grip machine

Sopack s.r.o. offers fully automatic antislip sheets dispenser called Cut´n Grip. The antislip sheets are cut directly from the roll and it is easy to cut different formats. Final formats can be put on pallets or between the layers manually or automatically. Cut´n Grip is extremely easy to set, use and easy to integrate into existing packaging processes.

Machine features

Machine dimensions

Table dimensions

Max roll width/diameter

Cycle time


2,8m x 1,77m 300kg

1,5x1,36x1,4m (LxWxH)

W: 1200 mm L:1000 mm

800 mm  sheet per 9s

Electricity 230 Air 6 bars

Why use Cut´n Grip?

Different formats

The sheet dispenser Cut´n Grip can cut different formats from the same roll (The length of the sheet can be set up).


No need to change the pallets with antislip sheets when you use different formats. Cut´n Grip can work together with robotics at fully automatic productions.

Easy to install

Cut´n Grip is delivered in an assembly package. Easy to install/set up and little maintenance is needed.

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