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Light weight Ecological Fiberboard pallets

We offer light weight pallet with carrying capacity up to 900 kg

Ecological fiberboard pallets make transports more efficient

Company Sopack offers alternative ecological solutions to wooden pallets. The Light ecological fiberboard pallets. The weight of the pallet in dimension 1200x800mm is only 5,5kg and for dimension 800x600mm is 3,2kg. Thanks to its weight and loading capacity up to 900kg is ideal for any transport, especially for air-freight. The raw material which is used for production of fiberboard pallets is from FSC-certified sustainable forestry and our lightweight fiberboard pallets are comply with ISPM-15 (no additional heat treatment against pest is required).

Types of Light weight Ecological Fiberboard pallets



Carrying capacity 



Standard pallet


Dyn.: 900 kg Stat.: 4500 kg Racking: 0 kg

5,5 kg

½ pallet


Dyn.: 400 kg Stat.: 2000 kg Racking: 0 kg

3,2 kg 

Our recommendation for Eco-pallets

Eco-pallets made of wood-fiber are recommended to all companies looking for a pallet with high loading capacity (up to 900 kg) and light weight (only 5,5kg). Thanks to its characteristics the pallets reduce storage and transport costs. It is easy to handle. Our Eco-pallets are in accordance with all export regulations for shipments in Europe and also to the USA, Canada, China etc. If you are interested in samples, quotation and more information, do not hesitate and contact me.

Ing. Tomas Zadina

Comparison of wooden pallet & INKA pallet & Eco-pallet

Advantages of our Light weight Eco-pallets

Transport efficiency

Eco-pallets made of fiber board reduce the cost for empty pallet transporting and storage cost. 100pcs Eco-pallets = 17 pcs wooden pallets = 50 pcs INKA pallets

Worldwide transport

Eco-pallets are in accordance with ISPM 15 and are suitable for exports to USA, Mexico, Canada, China etc., but also for transport by planes.


The weight of Eco-pallets made of fiber board is only 5,5 kg in dimension 120x80cm and 3,2kg in dimension 80x60cm.


No nails are used in production, so there is no damage of goods on pallets or people injury due to nails or splinters. The health (especially the back) of the operators is not affected.

Ecology and environmet

The low consuption of input sources ensures reduction of the ecological trace on pallet production. The best solution for empty pallets transports. Minimizes the amount of waste at final destination.

Low price

Eco-pallet made of fiber board is available in very low price.

Light Eco-pallets from fiberboard specification


1200 x 800 mm

800 x 600 mm

Leg height

100 mm 

100 mm 

Number of legs

9 pcs 

6 pcs 

Board thickness

18 mm 

18 mm 

Space for forklifts

900 and 570 mm 

570 and 400 mm 


In accordance with

In accordance with

pcs per one stack

100 pcs

200 pcs

Height of one stack

approx. 2,1m

approx. 2,1m

Weight of one stack

approx. 550 kg

approx. 640 kg

Pictures of Light weight Eco - pallets