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Dunnage Bags / Air bags - 3D

We offer three-dimensional air bags to fill the gap up to 80 cm

Sopack s.r.o. offers three-dimensional air bags to fill the gap up to 80 cm

Sopack s.r.o. offers three-dimensional air fixing bags Air bag 3D for filling a gap of up to 80 cm. Three-dimensional air bags are made of polypropylene fabric with various strengths from Level L1 to level L4. The core of the bag is made of PE material. The three-dimensional air bags are designed to fill a larger gap than standard bags. Sopack s.r.o. is able to provide any size of these bags.

Types of 3D air bags

Dunnage bag - Standard

100x90x80 cm

Level L1 up to 1,5 t

MOQ: xxx pc

Dunnage bag - 3D

According to needs

Level L1 - L5

MOQ: xxx pc

Recommendation of a suitable 3D Air bag

Three-dimensional air bags are used when it is necessary to fill a gap bigger than 40 cm. Thanks to the strong polypropylene fabric, they can withstand even high loads of over 1 ton, so they can be used for most loads. The third dimension gives air fixation bags another range of uses and we are ready to recommend you where it is possible to use this bag and replace expensive fixings.

Ing. Karel Sodomka

Material of 3D air bags - 3D Dunnage bag

Polypropylene fabric bags are known for their tear resistance as well as moisture resistance. Polypropylene fabric also gives the bags a certain elasticity, thanks to which the air bag can better fill the disparate space and offers better handling for workers.

Use of air bags - Dunnage bag

3D Air bags are designed primarily for fixing goods in container transport. The air bags fully fill the space between the goods, so that there is no lateral displacement of the goods across the container and subsequent damage to the container or the goods themselves. Air 3D bags are used for non-standard packaged products, which create gaps greater than 40 cm when loaded. Our standard three-dimensional air bags can fill a gap of up to 80 cm.

Filling air bags - Dunnage bag

Sopack s.r.o. offers Dunnage bags. Thanks to the wide FAST FLOW valve, filling is fast and efficient. Plastic air bag 90x210 cm, we are able to fill with air in 35 seconds, using a standard compressor. The air fixation bags have a FAST FLOW valve, to which we will supply you with a metal filling gun, which can be immediately attached to a common compressor using quick couplings.

Quick filling of air bags, thanks to the FAST FLOW valve

The FAST FLOW valve enables fast filling of the air bag and re-use. Sopack s.r.o. offers plastic and paper air fuser bags with wide diameter FAST FLOW valves. Thanks to these valves, you can inflate the air bag in a very short period of time. The FAST FLOW valve also allows re-use, using the Re-use function.

Filling of Dunnage bags using a battery blower

Sopack s.r.o. offers a wireless option of filling air bags. Sopack s.r.o. offers filling of air fixing bags using an AKU blower. The blower achieves a capacity of 2.9 m3 / minute, ie very fast filling of air bags. Sopack s.r.o. offers a specially developed filling pistol, which you place on the battery blower.

Types of filling guns for filling of air bags

Sopack s.r.o. offers efficient filling with wide-diameter metal pistols. Sopack s.r.o. offers three types of air pistols. Sopack s.r.o. recommends its customers to use a metal gun to fill the bags, which works perfectly with the FAST FLOW valve. The back has a RE-USE function, which is used to release the airbags faster.