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Dunnage bags - Air bag

Protect your goods during transport

Sopack s.r.o. offers Air Bags which fill in the gaps between pallets

Sopack s.r.o. offers various types of Dunnage bags to suit our customers needs. Each shipment of goods is different and we always try to find and recommend the right Dunnage bags which will suit. The Dunnage bags acts like a cushion, it protects loads against impact and prevent pallet movement. It is a great additional solution how to protect your goods. Dunnage bags - Air Bags can be used in trucks and containers.

Our types of Air Bags

Dunnage bag - Standard

Width: 60-120 cm

Lenght: 90 až 250 cm

Loading cap: Level L0 až L5

Gap: max 45 cm

Dunnage bag - 3D

Standard 3D: 100x90x80 cm

Type 3D: accord.Request

Loading cap: Level L0 až L5

Gap: max 80 cm

Dunnage bag - Special

Lenght: 12 m

Width: 150 cm

Loading cap: Level L0 až L5

Gap: 100 cm

What Dunnage bag do I recommend?

Plastic dunnage bags are getting more popular, than paper dunnage bags, due to the fact they bring better option price-wise and quality-wise. It is easier to recycle 100% plastic dunnage bags, than paper dunnage bags. Every paper bags has plastic core and several layers of kraftliner. Paper must be seperated from plastic core by hands. The maximal bearing capacity of dunnage bags is influenced actually by a gab between goods or pallets. Sopack will always investigates key factors of your use and offer you economical, ecological and effiecent dunnage bags´s solution.

Founder of Sopack, Ing. Karel Sodomka

Karel Sodomka

E: karel.sodomka@sopack.cz

Plastic dunnage bag made of poly woven

Plastic dunnage bags are made from polypropylene woven, which gives them high durability and high resistance in humid conditions. Our poly woven dunnage bags are 100% recycable. Sopack offers poly woven of different quality, which reflacts to bearing capacity of dunnage bag. We sort our bags in 5 different levels, Level light, Level 1 up to Level 4. Hovever,   Level 1 and light is suitable in 90% of daily uses. Our dunnage bags has re-usable valves, so our bags can be used several times. Valves can be placed in various positions. 

Paper dunnage bag made of krafliner and PE core

Paper dunnage bags are made from plastic core and several layers of kraftliner. Paper dunnage bags must be produced from two components,  which coudl cause extra manipulations during the recycle process. The inner plastic bag/core must be separeted from kraftliner layers and recycle in different conditions. Sopack offers several solutions of dunnage bags from from 1-layer of kraftliner up to 3 or 4 layers bags.  

How does dunnage bag work?

  1. Put the Dunnage bag between the goods in the truck or container
  2. Fill the Dunnage Bag with a valve gun – it takes just a few seconds
  3. The Dunnage Bag is ready to protect your goods!!!