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Lashing and webbing

Sopack offers certified one-way lashing

Sopack offers one-way lashing and buckles.

Company Sopack s.r.o. offers several types of woven lashing/tie down lashing straps. We mostly offer a disposable woven lashing. It is definitely a cost-effective alternative to expensive and reusable rachet tie downs. All our lashing straps are certified by the German company Germanischier Lloyd. Our lashings have a strength from 2000 daN up to 6000 daN.

Type of woven lashing

Lashing S95

Width: 30mm

Length: 250m

Linear tensile strength: 2000 daN

Packaging: 30sacks / pll

Lashing S150

Width: 38mm

Length: 200m

Linear tensile strength: 3500 daN

Packaging: 25sacks / pll

Lashing S200

Width: 40mm

Length: 200m

Linear tensile strength: 5000 daN

Packaging: 20sacks / pll

Lashing S200

Width: 50mm

Length: 150m

Linear tensile strength: 6000 daN

Packaging: 20sacks / pll

Type of Buckles

Buckle S35P

Max. Width: 32mm

Packaging: 250pcs/carton

Linear tensile strength: 1600 daN

Buckle S30(G)

Max. Width: 30-35mm

Packaging: 100pcs/carton

Linear tensile strength: 3000 daN

Buckle S40(G)

Max. Width: 38-40mm

Packaging: 80pcs/carton

Linear tensile strength: 4000 daN

Buckle S50(P)(G)

Max. Width: 50mm

Packaging: 50pcs/carton

Linear tensile strength: 5000 daN

A disposable woven lashing for containers or trucks

Disposable lashing straps are used in large export packing and contract packing plants as well as large industrial companies. Disposable one-way lashings were developed specially for one-way or overseas shipment, where there is no circle packaging system. Our disposable lashings significantly reduce the cost for load protection. Especially in large quantities, this cost advantage is evident. Disposable woven lashings are mainly used in the field of containers, seagoing ships and general cargo security.

Certified woven lashing by Sopack

Company Sopack s.r.o. offers disposable lashings of high quality for a reasonable price. All our lashing straps are certified by the well-known German company Germanschier Lloyd. We are absolutely sure, we sell and offer the right product to protect your cargo.

Recommendation from Sopack

Company Sopack offers reliable and certified disposable woven lashing. We focus to offer you a suitable solution, we must control, what strength is compared and what strength is required. Difference linear strength and system strength is a key factor to understanding lashings. This connection needs to be explained, as customers are sometimes uncertain about what exactly is behind these terms. It is very important to know this difference, because otherwise, when comparing prices and offers, apples and oranges are compared. In the linear strength test, the lashing strap is pulled at both ends in the laboratory or in the testing machine until it tears. The testing machine records exactly at which load and at which elongation this happens. The system strength indicates how much load the strap can withstand "in the system". This means that the lashing is placed around a package (or over rollers in the test laboratory) and connected with a suitable double-web buckle. As a rule, the system breaking load is twice as high as the linear tearing force.

Ing. Karel Sodomka

Ing. Karel Sodomka

E: karel.sodomka@sopack.cz
T: +420 602 285 903