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Lightweight export Plastic pallets

100 % recyclable plastic pallets – for standard and special usage

Sopack offers economical lightweight export pallets

Light weight export pallets meet two really important aspects of pallets – carrying capacity and weight of pallet. The lightweight export pallets are designed to be stackable on top of each other and do not take up space in a warehouse or a truck.

Standard dimensions: 600x400mm, 800x600mm, 1200x800mm and 1200x1000mm

Quarter plastic pallet - 600x400 mm

Product: S6040_PP_UL

60x40x12,5 cm

1,1 kg

50 pcs/stack

150 kg

75 kg

0 kg

Euro plastic pallets

Product: S12080_PP_UL

120x80x14 cm

4,6 kg

50 pcs/stack

2500 kg

1000 kg

0 kg

Half plastic pallets - 800x600 mm

Product: S8060_PP_UL

80x60x15 cm

3,7 kg

50 pcs/stack

1200 kg

400 kg

0 kg

Industrial plastic pallet

Product: S120100_PP_UL

120x100x15 cm

6,5 kg

50 pcs/stack

2500 kg

1200 kg

0 kg

Our recommendation for plastic pallets

We offer good quality lightweight pallet from recycled plastic. We designed those pallet to obtain perfect ballance between quality and finial cost. Export pallets are usually used for one-way transport.

Ing. Tomáš Zadina