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Antislip paper

Made of testliner

Non-slip paper made of testliner

The Antislip paper Grip Sheet is made of a recycled paper called testliner. The surface of our Grip Sheets are covered with special PE non-slip coating Grip dots. Sopack offers different weights of Grip Sheets: 60 g/m2 , 90 gr/m2, 120 gr/m2, 150 gr/m2 220 gr/m2 do 300 g/m2.

Type of Antislip sheets

Antislip paper

Fully coated

  • Material: Testliner
  • Weight: 90,120,150,220,300 gsm
  • Coating: Fully coated 30 gsm

Antislip paper
Strip coated

  • Material: Testliner
  • Weight: 90,120,150,220,300 gsm
  • Coating: Strip coated 22 gsm

Antislip paper
Square coated

  • Material: Testliner
  • Weight: 90,120,150,220,300 gsm
  • Coating: Fully coated 15 gsm

Our recommendation  

We highly recommend our standard non-slip paper made of testliner Grip Sheet 90gr/m2 which suits almost all of our customers. In the case of fully automated production a better choice is the 150gr/m2 sheet due to vacuum sackers. E-flute corrugated board is great between the pallet and the goods.  A light coating (Antislip dot´s in stripes) is enough for 80% of applications.

Ing. Tomáš Zadina

How our Antislip coating Grip dots work?

Polymer dots act like suction cups on springs. These dots increase the coeficient of friction and therefore causes greater stability. One standard sheet 1150x950mm contains 1 000 000 antislip dots! Due to this amount of dots we can reach a tilt of goods up to 52°.

Advantages of non-slip papers from Sopack

  • 1
    Stability of the pallets

    The Grip Sheet´s unique antislip technique guarantees a tilt of the goods up to 52° which will increase the protection of your shipments, products and your employees who handle pallets.

  • 2
    Economical savings

    The Antislip sheets decrease the amount of damage and complaints. You can reduce the use of additional packaging material like protective corners and use thinner stretch film if it is necessary.

  • 3

    Our antislip sheets are 100 % recyclable and they can be sorted like general paper waste.

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