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Pallet solution

Sopack offers plastic and paper pallets

Plastic pallets are made of a recyclable plastic material called virgin plastic. Plastic pallets can be used in various industries. The biggest advantage of plastic pallets are durability and the resistance of these pallets. Our company offers many types of plastic pallets.

Paper pallets are made of pulp moulding, honeycomb board or corrugated cardboard. The carrying capacity of paper pallets is various according to the weight of the goods on the pallets and the customer´s needs. The load can be up to 900 kg. Paper pallets are agreat solution for one time use. 

Company Sopack offers alternative ecological solutions to wooden pallets. The Light ecological fiberboard pallets. The weight of the pallet in dimension 1200x800mm is only 5,5kg. Thanks to its weight and loading capacity up to 900kg is ideal for any transport, especially for air-freight.