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Goods Security and Innovative Pallet Solutions

Secure your cargo with air, use dunnage bags from Sopack

The Sopack company offers high quality and cost effective Dunnage Bags / Air Bags. Dunnage bags are simple solution how to protect your goods in truck, container, van or train. We always recommend you the right type of Dunnage Bags according your needs. We have safisation stock capacity to fulfil your requirments. 

Slip Sheets replaces and reduces cost for wooden pallets

Slip Sheet offers the possibility to transport goods without wooden pallets. The wooden pallet is replaced by the slip sheet. Slip Sheet is a pallet sized paper sheet with flaps for handling. Slip Sheets are made from krafliner paper or 100% recycled plastic HDPE. The Slip Sheet must be handled by a Push Pull attachment. Sopack can offer Slip Sheets in various thicknesses and different dimensions. Sopack can produce Slip Sheets suitable to your needs.

Stabilize the product on a pallet with anti-slip adhesive

Antislip agent Grip Fix in order to protect your goods during handling and transport. Antislip adhesive can be applied to your goods by our machine BAG FIX in the form of beads, spray or sponge roll according to the type of package. Grip Fix is a waterbased, water-soluble and transparent adhesive. Antislip agent has high shear strength and low tensile strength. It is agreat solution for paper bags, PE bags, cartons, small packages and PP woven bags.

Stabilize the product on the pallet with anti-slip paper

Antislip sheets stabilizes a pallet unit and reduces waste from packaging materials. Antislip coating improves the friction between interlayers. Thanks to the anti-slip coating, the paper weight of the tie sheets can be reduced. The Sopack company offers anti-slip sheets from the weight of 60 gr/m2 up to 450 gr/m2. Antislip coating is applied in several patterns such as fully coated (100%), strip coated (50%) and square coated (30%).

Thermoregulating packaging for individual pallets and entire containers

Sopack s.r.o. offers economical and ecological solutions to protect your goods from the effects of temperature during transport. We offer solutions for thermoregulation of a pallet unit, several pallets at once, but also for full-container shipments in the form of thermoregulatory liners for containers.

Flexi Tanks for the transport of liquids / liquids and their storage

Sopack s.r.o. offers high quality Flexi Tanks for transporting liquids. Flexi Tanks are an economical and efficient solution for transporting liquids. With the Flexi Tank, up to 30,000 liters of liquid can be transported at once. Our patented rectangular shape increases the safety of transporting your fluids.

Flexi Tanks can be used for transport: wine, milk, chemicals, oils, syrups and other liquids, but also as a temporary reservoir of drinking water.

Desiccants against humidity with 300% self-weight absorption

Sopack s.r.o. offers desiccants against moisture. Super Dry desiccants absorb up to 300% of their own weight and are active for 90 days from the first day of use. Sopack s.r.o. offers desiccants from the hygroscopic salt of CaCl2 (Calcium Chloride). This unique material turns moisture into a gel, which prevents water and steam from escaping back into the container. Sopack offers desiccants for moisture in containers as well as cardboard boxes and plastic bags.

Paper pallet is cheaper and lighet altenative solution to wooden pallets

The Sopack company offers one-way paper pallets made of moulded pulp, honeycomb and corrugated cardboard. The maximal load for paper pallets is usually around 500kg. Paper pallets are lighter, easier to recycle and user friendly. Paper pallets are produced by dry process, thus they don´t need additional treatment such as fumigation etc.

Sopack offers wide rank of economical plastic pallets 

Company Sopack s.r.o. offers economical and high quality plastic pallets. We offer plastic pallets in 3 basic dimensions: 

  • EUR pallets 1200x800mm
  • Industrial pallets 1200x1000mm
  • various and special sizes.

Light weight Ecological Fiberboard pallets

The Sopack company offers and economical and ecological alternative to wooden pallets. Lightweight Eco-pallets made of fiberboard are great and convenient alternative to wooden pallets. The Eco-pallet has many advantages as a weight only 5.5 kg, pallet stickability 100 pcs / stack, carrying capacity up to 900 kg and certification for worldwide export. 

Sopack offers container liners for the transport of bulk materials

The Sopack Sopack s.r.o. offers an economical and efficient solution for the transport of bulk materials. Container liners are designed for safe transport of bulk materials, container inserts can also secure the load from moisture, container rain and dirt. Sopack s.r.o. is ready to help you and design the ideal type of container liner.