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Kratfliner Slip Sheets

Slip Sheets replace wooden pallets

Slip Sheets made of paper are cheaper by about 80% compared to wooden pallets

Slip Sheets replace wooden pallets. Slip Sheets are made of water resistant virgin kraftliner. The thickness of a Slip Sheet is designed by the maximal load on Slip Sheets. We produce kraftliner Slip sheets in various thicknesses 0.6 mm (max. load 500 kg) 0.8 mm (max. load 1000 kg) and 1.1 mm (max.load 1400 kg). Our Slip Sheets can be shaped to any required dimensions. We can also offer Slip Sheets with different coatings,  as antislip coating enhances the stability of a pallet or  PE coating helps increase the water-resistance of the Slip Sheet.

Type of Krafliner Slip Sheets

Standard Slip Sheet

  • Thickness: 0.6-0.7-0.8-1.1 mm
  • Standard flaps: 75 mm
  • In stock: 1200x800 and 1200x1000

Antislip coated Slip Sheet

  • Thickness: 0.6-0.7-0.8-1.1 mm
  • Standard flaps: 75 mm
  • With antislip coating on the TOP

PE coated Slip Sheet

  • Thickness: 0.6-0.7-0.8-1.1 mm
  • Standard flaps: 75 mm
  • With PE coating

Recommendation for ideal type of Slip Sheets

The kraftliner Slip Sheets are ideal for daily purposes. Our kraftliner quality is very resistant against water(moisture) absorption. Our regular Slip Sheets perfectly work in humid conditions. However we can offer Slip Sheets with PE coating to make our Slip Sheet almost waterproof. We can also provide Slip Sheets with anti-slip coating for better stability of pallet units. I will be happy to help you choose an ideal Slip Sheet for your needs.

Ing. Karel Sodomka

How do you handle Slip Sheets?

Slip Sheets are handled only by a Push Pull attachment.  A Push Pull attachment can be easily installed on a forklift truck. A Slip Sheet is a pallet sized sheet with flaps. The gripper on aPush Pull attachment grips the flap and hydraulic facelift of the Push-Pull attachment pulls the pallet unit onto flat forks. The load can be exported.

Slip Sheet – description

Do you have any inquiries regarding Slip Sheets?

Please contact our Slip Sheet specialist Karel Sodomka

Ing. Karel Sodomka

Slip Sheet expert
E-mail: karel.sodomka@sopack.cz
Tel.: +420 602 285 903

Advantages of krafliner Slip Sheets

Price of Slip Sheet

Slip Sheets made of multi-laminated kraftliner is the cheapest option for standard quality Slip Sheets.


We can offer and produce any dimension and thickness you need.


Slip Sheets are 100% recyclable. Slip Sheets made of kraftliner easy to recycle with other paper packaging materials.

Material of Slip Sheet pallets Sopack s.r.o.

Slip Sheet made of Kraftliner 

Slip Sheets made of Kraftliner. Kraftliner layers are laminated together and it increase their resistance. Our kraftliner quality is very resistant against water (moisture) absorption.

Slip Sheet with water resistant PE coating

Slip Sheets facing humid conditions can be adjusted by PE coating, which increases the water-resistance of the Slip Sheet. PE coating is applied usually on the bottom of the sheet.

Slip Sheet with anti-slip coating

Slip Sheets can be produced with anti-slip coating. Anti-slip coating increases the stability of the pallet unit. Anti-slip coating is added to Slip Sheet to increase friction between the load and the Slip Sheet.

Photo gallery – Application of kraftliner Slip Sheet