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Stationary pallet changer

Transfer goods from pallets

Stationary pallet changer (transfer goods from pallet to Slip Sheet)

A Stationary pallet changer is the best solution how to transfer goods on wooden, plastic or metal pallets to Slip Sheets. It is an automatic machine and it doesn´t need to invert the goods or any extra manual labor. An operator on a forklift just pushes a button on the remote control and the transfer can start. A Stationary pallet changer is the simplest and most effective machine to transfer goods on pallets to Slip Sheets without any manual labor.

Stationary pallet changer (transfer goods between the pallets)

A Stationary pallet changer is a cost-effective and efficient solution how to transfer goods between pallets without manual labor. Transfer between the pallets is almost the same as between the pallet and Slip Sheet, there is only one exception. In the first step you have to place the goods and their pallet and spare pallet in front of the SPC´s faceplate. Both pallets are secured by metal spikes. Then the transfer starts. Within a few seconds the transfer is finished.

Pictures below are from a pharmaceutic company in Czech Republic which shows the transfer of goods from a wooden pallet to a metal pallet due to hygienic reasons.