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Plastic pallets for racking system

Sopack offers wide range of plastic pallet for racking system

Sopack recommends efficient plastic pallet for racking system

Plastic pallets used in racking systems are characterized by reinforcement among the pallet´s feet/runners which makes the pallet stronger. We offer plastic pallets with a loading capacity in racks of up to 1200kg.

Product: S8060_SF_PES

80x60x14 cm

6,7 kg

16 pcs/stack

1500 kg

500 kg

200 kg (500 kg)

Euro plastic pallets - 1200x800 mm

Product: S12080_SF_PES

120x80x15 cm

11 kg

16 pcs/stack

4000 kg

1000 kg

500 kg (900 kg)

Industrial plastic pallets -1200x1000 mm

Product: S120100_SF_PES

120x100x15 cm

12,7 kg

16 pcs/stack

5000 kg

1250 kg

500 kg (900 kg)

Our recommendation for plastic pallets

Our company offers a wide range of plastic pallets for racking system.  We are here to analyse your usage and recommend ideal plastic pallet for racking system and for your needs.

Ing. Tomáš Zadina