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Kraftliner & Plastic Slip Sheets

Sopack offers krafliner and plastic slip sheets

Slip Sheets replace and reduce the cost of wooden pallets.

Sopack s.r.o. offer two types of Slip sheets. The paper slip sheets are made of brown krafliner. The krafliner Slip sheets can be offered in several thicknesses and various dimensions. The kraftliner Slip sheets can be produced with anti-slip or waterproof PE coating.  Plastic Slip sheets are offered in standard dimensions such as the EURO size 1200+75x800+75 mm and the Industrial size 1200+75x1000+75 mm. Other dimensions can be produced in higher volumes (10,000 sheets/delivery). The plastic Slip sheets are produced from recycled HDPE and have an anti-slip surface as standard.

Type of Slip Sheets

Slip Sheet krafliner

Stock: 75+1200x800+75 75+1200x1000+75

max. width 1450 mm

500 kg
1000 kg
1300 kg

0,6 mm
0,8 mm
1,1 mm

Material: Multilaminated krafliner

PE coating
Antislip coating

Slip Sheet HDPE 

Stock: 75+1200x800+75 75+1200x1000+75

max. width 1450 mm

Loading: 1000 kg

0,59 mm

Material:HDPE plastic

PE coating
Antislip coating

What type of Slip Sheet do I recommend?

Kraftliner Slip Sheets are used for standard practices and environments. Kraftliner Slip Sheets are moisture resistant and tear resistant. Kraftliner Slip Sheets are usually cheaper than plastic Slip Sheets. Plastic Slip Sheets  are used in humid and wet environments or for multi-use solutions. Plastic Slip Sheets are more durable and resistant than kraftliner Slip Sheets.

Ing. Karel Sodomka

How do you handle Slip Sheets?

Slip Sheets are handled only by a Push Pull attachment.  A Push Pull attachment can be easily installed on a forklift truck. A Slip Sheet is a pallet sized sheet with flaps. The gripper on aPush Pull attachment grips the flap and hydraulic facelift of the Push-Pull attachment pulls the pallet unit onto flat forks. The load can be exported.

Description of Slip Sheet

Do you have any inquiries regarding Slip Sheets?

Please contact our Slip Sheet specialist Karel Sodomka

Ing. Karel Sodomka

Slip Sheet expert
E-mail: karel.sodomka@sopack.cz
Tel.: +420 602 285 903

Advantages of Slip Sheets

Cost of Slip Sheets

Slip Sheets are about 80 % cheaper than wooden pallets.


A Slip Sheet has a weight of around 0,5 kg. Wooden pallets have a weight of 12 kg up to 20 kg. You can save 20 kg per pallet unit. It can be calculated as 640 kg per a truck.

Thickness and height

Slip Sheets are made of thick plastic or paper. The thickness of a Slip Sheet is no more than a 1 mm. The height of a wooden pallet is around 120 mm. You can save 120 mm per one pallet unit.

Stock efficiency

1000 Slip Sheets have a volume of 1 cubic meter. 1000 wooden pallets have a volume of 70 cubic meters.


Slip Sheets are a green solution. You can save a lot of trees and reduced CO2 for transport of heavier trucks.


Slip Sheets don't need any special adjustment such as fumigation etc.

Material of Slip Sheet pallets Sopack s.r.o.

Slip Sheet made of Kraftliner 

Slip Sheets made of Kraftliner. Kraftliner layers are laminated together and it increase their resistance. Our kraftliner quality is very resistant against water (moisture) absorption.

Slip Sheet made of plastic

Slip Sheets made of regular plastic waste. The plastic Slip Sheets are made from 100% recyclable HDPE. High Density Polypropylene is one of the most versatile plastic materials, which is used today. It is easy to recycle and reuse it again.

Slip Sheet with anti-slip coating

Slip Sheets can be produced with anti-slip coating. Anti-slip coating increases the stability of the pallet unit. Anti-slip coating is added to Slip Sheet to increase friction between the load and the Slip Sheet.

Slip Sheet with water resistant PE coating

Slip Sheets facing humid conditions can be adjusted by PE coating, which increases the water-resistance of the Slip Sheet. PE coating is applied usually on the bottom of the sheet.