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Bag Fix application systems

The Best machines on the market

Bag Fix machines are reliable and simple to operate

Sopack s.r.o.introduce Bag Fix application systems for Grip Fix adhesive. Bag Fix is reliable, simple to operate and it'seasy to set up the machine. Bag Fix has been developed for over more than 25 years according to our customers needs.

BAG FIX for paper bags

This type of application is suitable for paper bags or cartons. Fully automatic Bag Fix machine type ESP.

  • Types of application:

„Beads“ very effective solution, longer period of drying.

„Spray“ shorter period of drying.

Bag Fix ESP Photogallery

BAG FIX for plastic bags

This type of application is suitable for PE bags. Fully automatic Bag Fix type W.

  • Types of application:

Sponge roll system

Felt-stripe application

Bag Fix W Photogallery

Implementation process

  • 1
    Input analysis

    The First step is to clarify processes in production, during the packing and types of transportation you use. A completed questionaire is essential.

  • 2
    Analyze your packaging material in our lab

    We have to analyze your packaging material in our lab and do a „pre-TEST“. Our experts evaluate the „pre-TEST“ and send you a report with a recommendation for the right adhesive and expected consumption per bag.

  • 3
    Bag Fix installation in your company

    In the case of your interest in our antislip adhesive, we install the BAG FIX machine in your prodution for free. Then the TEST in your company can start!

  • 4

    In the case of your satisfaction with our Grip Fix adhesive and Bag Fix machine we leave the machine in your production and deliver to you our glue in bigger packaging such as drums, IBC containers etc. We will provide you with regular service and check the quantity of the applied glue regularly.

Grip Fix application - Photogallery