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Container liner Barless

We offer economical container liners without steel reinforcement

Sopack s.r.o. offers container liners Barless for 20’ and 40’ containers

The ECE Barless liners for 20’ and 40’ containers do not need any steel bar reinforcement. Liners are available in 2 options:

a) multi-layer co-extruded LDPE film

b) full woven fabric

Ece Barless liners are produced and designed as a special cost-effective solution. The woven fabric at the end of the container, secured with the barless safety system. It is the latest patented safety system which increases the safety and decreases costs and loading time.

Cost saving with Barless container liners

- 25kg FFS sacks -> 18,00€/Ton

- 1Ton Big-bags -> 12,50€/Ton

- 20ft Standard Liner -> 7,50€/Ton

- 20ft ECE Barless Liner -> 5,00 €/Ton

Advantages of Barless container liners

Reduces the price per packaging


Fast installation

Ecological & Re-usable

Loading & Unloading

- Loading process by standard equipment.

- Suitable for any conventional discharge device.