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Container liner Cargo Protector

Cargo protector keeps the container clean and protects the goods

Sopack s.r.o. offers Cargo Protectors against moisture, dust and water

Container liners Cargo Protectors were developed and produced to protect goods in containers against moisture, dust, water and to keep the goods safe during transportation. Container liners avoid dispersion of odors and leaks of waste products.

Types of Cargo protector container liners

- Food grade, container liner is certified for direct contact with food (FDA – EU 10/2011)

- Antistatic film to prevent the risk of explosion

- Barrier film for moisture sensitive goods

- Special reinforced floor for forklift loading

Advantages of Cargo Protector container liners

Minimizes transportation costs

Protects against moisture and leaking water

Protection against toxicity


Loading & Unloading

- The container is gravimetrically loaded

- Loading by forklift

- Unloading by forklift

- Unloading by tilt container