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Security during the transport

Sopack offers solutions how to protect your goods

Flexi tanks are an effective solution for transporting and storing liquids. Our Flexi tank from TRUST has a patented rectangular shape, which increases its safety. Flexi tanks are used to transport wine, must, oils, paraffins, lubricants, detergents, fertilizers and more.

Thanks to container inserts from Sopack s.r.o. turn any container into a suitable means of transport for transporting dry and bulk material, such as cereals, sugar, cement, starch and others. Container inserts are 100% recyclable.

We offer high quality desiccants made of calcium chloride. Thanks to their composition, they are very effective and absorb up to 300% of their weight. Desiccants convert moisture into a gel and therefore do not evaporate back. Desiccants are active from the first day for up to 90 days.

Safety Sheet or protective sheet for the container is used to secure the goods in the door section. The protective tarpaulin is simply attached and then prevents the goods from collapsing and falling when the door is opened.

Edge protectors

Paper protective edges protect the goods on the pallet or reinforce the inside of the boxes and prevent them from falling. We offer classic protective edges, U-shaped, with hobra, ALU foil and recycling symbol.

We offer high quality binding systems. Straps, buckles and other products. Our harnesses are certified by Germanschier Lloyd.